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A Few Problems ...

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Well I've been having really crappy luck with my car lately.
First off, theres this tinging that comes when the car is in the drive gears, and idling/driving below 20km/h. Well at least it was a tinging until this afternoon, now its more of a munching, harsh rattle/grind, its embarassing. What is this? Hopefully its nothing too expensive.
Also, my gas mileage has been extremely bad,example, I was on 1/4 of a tank this morning, put in $10 and drove 50km, and now its back on 1/4th of a tank. This worries me the most as you can see it becomes quite costly.
Can anyone help me out with this!?
I HATE this car
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My first thought was torque converter. Slippage and no lock up kills milage. The discription of the sounds seems to indicate a converter stator just touching the impeller then starting to eat in as the bushings selfdistruct. This sound first shows up when the car is put in gear as resistance is applied to the converter and continues until lockup at about 20mph depending on rate of acceleration which affects shift-up points. Lock up eliminates the speed differance between the stator and impeller thus stopping the noise. All this looseness can reduce pressure to the clutches and bands causing them to slip and of course burn up the tranny. I would be intrested in the color and smell of the fluid.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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