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I have a few items for sale that have been sitting in original boxes since the early 90's. Thought I might use this stuff someday but I'm way to old now!!!!! All these items were used for about 2 years and are in great condition. A little info can be found on each one with a little web searching.

1. Rockford Fosgate ND8 1" soft dome tweeters $35.00 shipped
2. AUDIO Control 2xs 2-way 18db electronic crossover $45.00 shipped
3. Sony XEC-505 1/2 din electronic crossover with Sub control $45.00
shipped. Cool little dash mount crossover!
4. Hott Set-up Hs 2.125 amplifier, 125x2(4ohm) 250x2(2ohm) 500x1
(bridged 4ohm) This amp was built by the company ORION. I have it
in the original box with harness but lost the manual. Specs are really
good on this amp! Purchased for $349.00 at Bestbuy in1993!!
$70.00 shipped. Color is silver. Later models were black.

CONUS only. I can take an e-mail pics if requested.

Shoot me an e-mail if interested- [email protected]

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