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A Few Mods I Read About

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I have a 92 gl wagon. on the FAQ page here, I read something about a strut tower brace for under 25$, and I also read:

If your car is years 1991-1995, then ALL clusters will work from 1991-1995 as long as it is not a digital cluster. Clusters from the Taurus L, GL, LX, SE, and SHO are all interchangeable. Even if your car DID NOT come with a tachometer, one can be added with no modification.

my car didnt come with a tach, but I sure would love one

any help about these two? I'm also still looking on a tutorial on how to light up that "taurus" logo in the dash board.

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The strut bar is a GM unit, though I forget from which model. Someone who knows will chime in, I'm sure!

If you're looking for a SHO cluster, email [email protected]. I think he may have some.

I'm not sure how the lighted dash logo works, however it sounds cool, one more thing to add to the SHO!

Welcome to the TCCA also, I hope you find the club helpful!
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Hey, I have the same car you have and I did that dash thing. It looks awesome. I don't have any pics though. what you do is go to Advance Auto and get a 4 inch neon tube...about 12 bucks. It'll come with some stickeis for the sides. Take out the Taurus thing...it just clips back in. Slide the tube in...you might have to mod a tiny bit. Slip the wire behind and down into the glove box. Then plug it up to where ever. Ta Da...surprise!!!
The $8 strut bar is for the W-bodies (current generation Buick Regals, Chevy Impala, 97-2003 Grand prix's). You can order it from your GM dealer for around $12, and $8 from gmpartsdirect.com plus shipping.

You'll have to bend the two tabs that would go over the innermost strut tower bolts however (might even have to file down the holes depending on your alignment). It ain't pretty, but hey, its $8

EDIT:I just realized this, but if you want a tach I have a 7k tach and temp/gas gauge (I think you'll need to replace both gauges on a non-tach'ed car as the tach replaces one of them) from a 1993 that I can sell you cheap.
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can i get a picture of it?
The tach from a '90-'95 Mercury Sable or a Ford Taurus SHO will work. The SHO cluster has a redline and goes upto 8k, but has "Premium Fuel Recommended" written on it. The '90/'91 Sable goes upto 7k, but it has yellow and red lines near the end. '92-'95 Sables have a 7k tach, but it's all white lines and less divisions. They will work because they plug into an existing wiring harness in the Taurus (some higher trim levels had a tach). And yes, you'll have to swap the whole cluster if you get the tach, but you can leave the speedo if you wish.

'90-'91 SHO Cluster:

'92-'95 SHO Cluster:

'90-'91 Sable Cluster:

'92-'95 Sable Cluster:

If you decide to swap the speedo too, get the SHO or Police Package speedo. IMO, the police package speedo looks better because it has more divisions (like the '90/'91 SHO speedo) and has "Certified Calibration" stamped on it. Here's a pic of my cluster:
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Yup, the one I have is like the fourth pic from the top. If you want, I have the whole cluster off of my '93 since I replaced it with an SHO cluster...The speedo reads up to 85 like other stock Tauruses, so its up to you.

If you click the "HERE" on my sig, it leads to pics of my bull in the TCCA Garage. You can see the GM strut bar there as well.
I couldnt find the strut brace

Did you see this one? It's basically just a bar that goes across the two strut towers...
yea, but where to buy that online? I couldnt find it on GM's webpages
Did you go to gmpartsdirect.com ? PN is 12456148
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