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A Detailed Car Looks Sooo Fine!

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Well, after about 4 hours I now have my car back to showroom clean again. Inside and out of course, with no crack or crevice left untouched! Can you come close?

Front Shot

Ooh, check out those tires and wheel wells! Nice and black!

The rear! Brand new badging and a spotless bumper! No scratches. Nothing but beauty!

Mmm, the left side. Doesn't it look like a candy apple?

Purdy door

Can you compete with this?


Can you?


I don't think I can control myself anymore!

Like I said, no crack or crevice left untouched!

Thats it. Can you compete? Ever seal, crack, groove and hinge was cleaned. Even the trunk lid and the groove it covers. EVERYTHING! I love my car. Share some of your own.
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Originally posted by L0pan@Feb 21 2004, 05:58 PM
Can you compete?
Yeah....I think I can.
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