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Well, after about 4 hours I now have my car back to showroom clean again. Inside and out of course, with no crack or crevice left untouched! Can you come close?

Front Shot

Ooh, check out those tires and wheel wells! Nice and black!

The rear! Brand new badging and a spotless bumper! No scratches. Nothing but beauty!

Mmm, the left side. Doesn't it look like a candy apple?

Purdy door

Can you compete with this?


Can you?


I don't think I can control myself anymore!

Like I said, no crack or crevice left untouched!

Thats it. Can you compete? Ever seal, crack, groove and hinge was cleaned. Even the trunk lid and the groove it covers. EVERYTHING! I love my car. Share some of your own.

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Not bad at all!  Steps, products used? I do see a few things though, I will be glad to provide some advice on it if you like[/b]
Uh oh, what do you see?

This is how I usually do things...

1 - Vacume the interior after I remove everything that may be in the back seat. I do the floor, rear deck, dash, vents, door panels, and pull out the rear seat to get anything under there.

2 - Next, I spray A1 Lifter, carpet cleaner on the carpet. I let it sit a few seconds and rub it with a terry cloth.

3 - As the carpet is drying, I start cleaning the door panels, jambs, seals and the metal door part itself. I also clean the kickplates and moulding along the inside as I am going from door to door. I move the seats all the way back and clean the track covers and move them forward to clean the back ones.

4 - I clean the dash, vents and console after that.

5 - After that is done, I leave the carpets out and let it dry. While it is drying, I start washing the outside of the car. I wet it down, then get my bucket of suds ready to go. Before I start washing, I spray purple power on the rims, wheels and tire wells. This is a super powerfull degreaser (biodegradable, I like that). I start using my brush and work my way around the car. After I wash the car, I use the brush and go over the tires, rims and wheel wells fairly quickly. I just want to get the main dirt off. After that I rinse.

6 - I remove the brake dust from the rims (I despise this part!) and use a stiff brush to clean the tires and wells. I rinse this off easy as not to get the car wet again.

7 - While the wheels dry, I start to apply the wax (I also despise this part but it makes the car 100% more beutiful). I start at the front hood, work down the left side, to the rear and then up the right. The roof is the last part. I take a few smoke breaks in between all this
Once I let it sit for just a few minutes, I start back at the same spot and rub of any excess and use diaper clothes to really give it a good shine. I do this until I am done.

8 - After that is done, I go back to the interior and dry off the seals, jambs and such so I don't have water running down my clean car. I hate that. After that, I use a stiff brush and go over the carpet starting from driver to rear/rear then passenger. This gets any hair or rocks that were brought up from the carpet cleaner. Then I go over with the vacume one last time. I put the mats back in and shut the doors to keep out dust!

9 - Now the tires are dry so I use my stuff (list below) and go over them a couple times to give them a deep black wet look we all love. I then spray this on the wells. They are clean, but if you don't coat them with something, they look whitish/grey/black. This makes them look black and new again.

10 - (optional/depends on time) - Once all that is done, I go around with my Rain-X wax and apply it to all the windows. I don't clean them prior because the rain x stuff does a damn fine job of this. It also makes the glass appear mirror like. Just like the nice new shiny car. It all looks good in the end.

The stuff I use is as follows:

Wheels/Well - Meguires spray on stuff. It has an adjustable spray knob for low/med/high profile tires and such. I lasts a very long time and its really conevenient.

Interior - Armoral cleaning wipes. I use this on the dash, door panels, kick plates and the door jambs and seals. It says not to use it on paint, but I find if I do, I have to buff it, which makes is super shiny. Works for me. I used to use Armor all glass wipes for the interior as I found these don't streak and leave a "greasy" residue like armor all does.

Exterior - Meguires car soap and Meguires Gold Class wax. I love meguires stuff. Its not too pricey and it does what it says it does.

Leather - I use Armoral leather protectant wipes. Works good and gets the dirt off.

Now, like I said above, I used to use armoral on the interior. However, it would streak and look oily. I didn't like that. It was like my car was lubed in baby oil and getting ready to have hot sex with an SHO or sumin.

One thing I have MAJOR trouble with and is a pain in the butt is the interior glass. I can NEVER get it streak free. Ever. I have tried wipes, newspaper, tint safe glass cleaner, foamy glass cleaner, it just doesn't get it streak free.

What are your suggestions?

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No mine are not mirror like. I know what you are talking about tho. Seems like my cars missed that "era" of shiny rims. Although I really don't like them.


That is a very VERY nice looking car. Excellent job.
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