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A/c Blows Hot Air

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I have a 93 Sable 3.8 that I bought in February. The guy I bought it from says that he had recently had the A/C converted to R134a and that it was working good.
The other day here in Michigan we finally had some nice warm (80f) weather. So I thought it would be a good time to try out the A/C. Blows nothing but warm air

Did some checking and I see that the A/C compressor isn't engaging.
I would appreciate any ideas of what might be wrong, thanks in advance!
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you have a leak

I am in MIchigan in the pontiac area if you aren't to far i could probably help you. I know a lot about auto A/C
Hey sablerider thanks for the info, I live in Bay City, so I'm rather far away from ya. But maybe you can give me some info, I've read on other posts on here about jumping the posts on the low pressure switch to see if the compressor comes on, if you can tell me where this switch is I could check and see if the compressor runs or not and then go from there. Thanks again!

AAsable good luck with your A/C, I'll let ya know if I figure out anything
i am not familiar with the Gen 2s but the low pressure switch is on the accumulator.

we did this trick to see how cold air we could make a 99 cougar blow it got down to -5 degrees before the evaporator froze up.

all you do is use a wire prefferably with a fuse in it and jump the contacts on the connector not the actual switch.

do not remove the switch.

the accumulator is a canister usually mounted near the left side firewall or on the fenderwell.
Hey sablerider thanks for the info. Today I jumped the contacts on the low pressure switch. The compressor kicked on ok. But the strange part is that after I
hooked the low pressure switch back up I tried the A/C again and now the compressor cycles on and off real fast, on for a second then off for about 5 seconds, still blows warm air. I'm hoping that it's just a slow leak and I can get by with just recharging. I appreciate any info anybody might have on this, thanks!!!
cycling fast is a definate sign of low charge.

there is a leak sealer that is sold but it often does not work and sometimes causes more problems.

to see where a leak may have occurred follow your lines and see if there is any oily substance near connections on the lines and check all switches amd fittings.

you are going to need to have a vacuum pulled on the system and see if the system is capable of holding a charge if it does then you should be good to go.
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