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My 99 DOHC Taurus has a few small problems that need fixing and I've been gathering parts so I can do some of the work soon. First, my front suspension has a pretty good rattle in it. Took it to the shop and they said the struts were fine but the end links are worn, so I picked up some end links. Also got a rediculous deal on Quick Struts, both front for 140 shipped, so I grabbed those as well, so if the end links don't fix it I'll install those.

Next, I have a weak fuel pump, so I'm contemplating doing that myself, which I think shouldn't be too bad if I can get the car a reasonable height in the air. I would also probably just install new straps on the tank on reassebly. Any tips or tricks to this job?

Last, I'd love to eventually fix my driver's door. The lock doesn't work on it, and I don't mean just the power lock, you cannot physically move the lock up and down on the door. The alarm does work, but the door is always open. My big fear is that one day the remote battery will die to disarm the alarm, and since the door doesn't work I can't use the key in the door, so the alarm will go off everytime I get in, unless i just leave it unlocked and wide open to the world all the time. Any ideas what part would need replacing and what ype of price I'd be looking at? I assume this might also explain why some days my car thinks the door is ajar all the time and keeps the dome light on everywhere i go.
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