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I own a 1999 Taurus SE, and the past week I've noticed a clunk coming from what sounds like the rear suspension. The clunk seems to happen when I go over certain bumps in the road. It is also very prominent when I throw the car in reverse. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like it might be a suspension bushing in the rear. I would check the easy stuff first, like the sway bar end links. I had one break once, and it made the worst noise.

For reference, there's quite a few bushings back there:

Strut rod bushings (4 sets), control arm bushings (8 total), sway bar end links (2 total), sway bar frame bushings (2 total), and strut mounts (2 total).

Also, check the exhaust system hangers as well. If one's broken, it could be causing the exhaust to bang against something.
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