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Since last summer whenever my car is completely warmed up, the shift between 1st and 2nd is rough. I took it to a local transmission repair shop. They test drove it and said that in addition to the bad shift the transmission seemed to be slipping. They rebuilt the tranny. I've driven it since and am still having the shift problem. I have to admit the car seems to have more get up and go, although I never noticed the "slipping" myself, so it couldn't have been that bad.

I took the car back and complained that I still have the problem I brought it to them to fix. Their position is that there could be something wrong with the engine and they want me to go to a dealer to have the codes checked as a malfunctioning sensor could be sending improper signals to the valve that controls the transmission fluid pressure. They've checked the codes on the tranny and there are no codes. He's willing to pay for the scan at the dealer. He says if there's anything wrong with the tranny he'll fix it, but he thinks it's an engine problem and that he doesn't fix engines (he's just a tranny guy). My father drives a cab and has used this guy many times before, and swears he's very honest.

What do you guys think? Is there anything obvious I should ask the dealer to check?

BTW, it shifts perfectly until it get completely warmed-up (gauge is about half-way). Other gears are silky smooth. I haven't had it tuned-up lately.

Thanks in advance.

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sounds like a tranny problem......but if he is willing to pay for the scan....let him!

Seems like he is trying to do right by you and being a responsible repair person.

Sorry i have no real help to offer.

Good luck!


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