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Read a few posts on here about similar problem but nothing the same. I got 97 Taurus GL automatic from a friend that said the trans is bad. I drove it today and the tranny shifts into 1st and

reverse fine but when you get up to about 15-20 mph and take your foot off the throttle its like it shifts into neutral and just revs till you get back down to about 10mph and does the same

thing in reverse. If you have it in 1st rather than drive it will stay in gear all the way up to 40 mph until you shift to drive then is drops to "neutral" again. It hasnt thrown any codes unless the

engine light doesnt work. I was wondering if this is a tcc problem.[/b]
Hows the condition of the fluid? if the fluid is more brown ish then it could be the forward clutch wearing out.
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