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97 Taurus Fm Radio Flaky

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Hello, Just found this great forum. Picked up a 97 taurus lx wagon. Love it. The only problem is the FM radio.here is what it is doing.

1. Am works great

2. 6 Cd changer works great


The radio- will seek and stop on aa channel however the radio stations fades in and out. I have looked at the antennea all looks good. The AM stations are very strong. Sometimes the FM Stereo light goes out and the station sort of fades with it. The radio/csd and speakers all seem to work fine. However on Fm the station will not stay locked on and clear.

Any ideas.

How hard is it to change out the radio. It is the type with the digital temp setting. Thanks Ranch
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All radios have dual antennas I believe. The antenna sticking up is for AM. Gen IIIs are very hard to replace stereos with because of the integrated dash.
no the regular antenna does both but since your AM stations come in fine the it is the Head unit is going to be the problem about 90% sure
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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