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take off the door panel:

1) take out the screws on the sides, underneith, and in the hand hold where you pull the door shut

2) pry off the trim piece behind the door handle with a flathead screwdriver...carefully

3) pop off the door panel (it'll take some force). I usually start with the top, it's a little easier to get your fingers in there. There will be little pegs that are pushed into the actual door, that's what holds the panel on, you're popping those out of their holes, so it'll take some force and make a loud noise that will scare you, but it's all good.

4) disconnect the plugs going to the door lock/window controls. Don't worry about marking them, they can only go back in one place.

5) gently toss the door panel somewhere out of the way... darn things are a pain in the butt I tell ya....

6) remove the screws or small bolts (don't remember which) around the speaker

7) Unplug the speaker or cut the wire, but if you cut, make sure you leave enough to splice into.

8) splice the + wire from the car to the + of the new speaker, and same with -. Then check clearances, and reverse the above steps.

and for your convience, because you'll need to know... here's the diagram for what wire is + and -

hope this helps and if you've got any other questions, post up


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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