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4 days ago went shopping, left the store and stuffed the key in ignition, engine wouldn't fire and the theft light flashing. Pulled out key waited 10 seconds reinserted the key and engine fired up so drove home.

3-4 days later the engine wouldn't fire again, noticed the theft light flashing pulled out key gave it a few seconds and tried again, nothing... Checked connecters, fuses, etc, etc.... Tried later, inserted the key and theft light is behaving normally according to what I've read in the manual, nothing engine still won't start. I also inserted the trunk key (no chip) and turned the ignition to ON, the theft light started flashing, turned over the motor for fun and of course it didn't fire. Put the chip key back in and turned ignition ON, theft light on for 2 seconds then off, turned over the engine but no fire. So that is where I am at this time.

I miss the days of hand cranked windows and just enough engine electronics to loose the old points and condenser ignitions...

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