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so my sisters 96 duratec taurus has been making a puffing noise ever since she got it, but recently its become so loud its almost not worth driving. a mechanic she took it to said it was caused from the head gasket on the rear bank and the injectors but to me it sounds more like a exhaust leak or hopefully something more minor. it looses coolant but very slowly and the oil isnt milky. it prob does need a head gasket but i still think this puff is coming from somewhere else. it sounds like it is puffing air out the back of the block somewhere but i cant find where. it gets louder at higher rpm and stops when you coast.

other possible related issues the power steering is real stiff at low speeds and generally just sucks. and it doesnt like to shift out of park apparently only first thing in the morning, she thinks hot or cold doesnt matter.

any help would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance.
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