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Hi folks,
I’ve got a 96 Taurus with the 3L DOHC motor and AX4N transmission

A week ago I stopped whilst in drive went to take off again and had nothing, it was like it was in neutral.

The car will take off in second gear, and once moving you can shift into drive and everything’s fine, but as soon as it shifts to first it’s just revs and no motion (be that stopping, or giving it a bootfull and it kicking back). Perplexingly there’s no warning lights of any sort (or blinking OD off light)

Sometimes it also won’t shift into overdrive either, or it’ll just randomly shift into OD and you wonder why it hadn’t done it a minute or 2 ago. So I hit up google and found this very useful PDF


I thought to myself that it seemed like a problem with shift solenoid #2 being stuck in the off position based on the table on page 19.

I could of course be completely wrong... but it’s what led me to where I ended up

Somewhere in the book it mentions that the solenoids are supposed to be 20ohms so I figured I’d better check them.

Using the pin out on page 20 I checked the resistance between pin 2 and pins 1/6/8 all 3 solenoids gave a result of roughly 17.7ohms on my cheap and nasty multimeter.

I made up a test lead using a pair of female deutch connector pins and checked to see what the solenoids sounded like and measure the current. All sounded the same and drew 0.7A

In amongst all this I accidentally left the connector unplugged and went to move the car - I had first gear back! Shifts nicely through the gears in drive as well but now I had no reverse.

After a lot of uneducated messing around I realised that disconnecting pin2 gave me all my forward gears (have not been fast enough to check OD yet) whilst reconnecting it gave me reverse (well everything but first)

So... the Taurus was only sold in Australia for a year and nothing else with an AX4N transmission has found its way here. Even with a working gearbox it’s worth nothing and I can’t buy radiator hoses for it in Australia (seriously!) much less trans parts.

So I’ve put a length of wire through to the cabin, with a switch to turn pin2 on and off.

I have no idea why this works, I’d love a better solution, but I’m leaving this tidbit here for anyone else who has no first gear for no discernible reason.
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