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Please bear with me...

1996 3 liter wagon, 99K, bought USED about 60K ago.

From my archive search today & posts this past January, the recurring `mud'
atop coolant expansion tank is now at least partially understood.

Is the solution a dealer issue only if you're an original owner, or should I be
looking for satisfaction based upon the 100K aspect of the coolant/warranty,
despite not being the original owner?

Am I wrong in my view that Ford was dragged to the point of issueing this TSB,
& that dealers resent this work?


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i'm not sure what your asking.

I can tell you thins for sure,dealers don't resent doing a colant flush (if thats what your asking)

He's referring to the TSB that was issued regarding the 96-99 Vulcan engine Taurus' and Sables.

To my knowledge, unless you're the original owner, they wouldn't do anything. I think the time to get this done free has expired anyhow.

My best advice would be to install the bypass tube, and flush that sucker until it runs clean. Backflush it too.

I'm assuming you saw the article in maintenance also?

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Thanx for the replies...

Yes Bob, my ?s arose from the TSB & Q-n-As. I'd wondered if any others had
a good result where Ford did the right thing. I've never played w/ freeze plugs or done a bottom end rebuild & don't really feel psyched to start tomorrow on Mom's sole wheels.

I began to notice the cycling thermostat in the spring on 70-80 mile R/Trips, but
it didn't seem to eat coolant until earlier this summer, and now it's not staying
topped off.

My issues of concern: The `mud's' consistency- This stuff is like clay, stuck to
the cap bottom & impacted around the filler hole neck. I have a sneaking suspicion
this stuff has settled in dozens of corners in the engine, creating lots of hot spots
& compromised the radiator.

A final symptom; the blown heat from the heater core was super hot last spring...

This is(was) the 100K superduper coolant? I'm sorry, but I think something beyond a TSB is appropriate!

How much is this chemical cleaner ID'd in TSB?

If I'm unwilling to R/R freeze plugs, should I bring the Ford(?) Chem. cleaner to our trusted local mechanic, who has a closed loop power coolant flush system & service, for around 100-120$?

I'm still having a hard time imagining this silt capable of being stirred up by anything less than a power wash, and what does this much rust-based sediment
say about what is left after things are cleaned to best degree possible???

Any additional tips/thoughts/WARNINGS ( new engine needs ) appreciated.

Thanx again
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