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Here's what's happening:

When I start the car in the morning after it's been cool all night, I can drive to work (~20min highway) without any kind of problem. Any time I start the car after that, for the rest of the day, it will have this issue... I'm not sure of the term, I suppose chugging is the best. There's no noise that I can hear, but when idling at a light I can feel a strong steady pulse through the brake pedal if the car is in gear and I'm holding it in place. I can look around me and see the seats and things vibrating with the chug. When driving, the pulse or "chug" will go away soon after I start moving, but will come back noticeably when accelerating between 40 and 45 mph, and often between 60 and 65 as well. Sometimes the chug is strong and slower, sometimes its light and quick, maybe three beats per second.

Any thoughts?
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