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I've been reading taurusandmarauder's thread about these springs. Interested in doing it, but cautious because last I saw the ride was harsh.

Some things I saw during my research (I have access to NAPA catalogs)

NAPA 95 springs show 137 lbs (#2775318)
NAPA 96-06 springs show 94 lbs (#2773295)

86-95 rear Sensa-trac strut (#71780)
94-07 rear sensa-trac strut (#71616) (I know the 95/95 years overlap)

94-07 quick-strut (#171616)
(how does 1 number replace 2 diff struts with diff spring rates? What spring do they really use?)

T&M said the ride was harsh (with 98 struts), so I was thinking about using the struts that match the year of the springs

KYB has GR-2 struts for:
94-95 (#334325)
96-99 (#332169)
00-07 (#334294)

SO.....anyone have a 94-95 bull with KYB GR-2 struts? How is the ride?
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