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Ok...a couple weeks ago my girlfriend's '95 wagon w/ the 3.8 suddenly decided that it had nothing but first gear. After poking around on here & calling a dealer, we figured it was probably the speed sensor...$900 later from a garage (some moron welded the Y pipe to the rest of the exhaust, which kinda racked up the cash on parts :angry:) we find out that WASN'T the problem.

Now I'm thinking it may be a solenoid, since my '03 Focus had the same thing happen. My question is...where are they on the Taurus, and is it something easy to do like it was on the Focus (they're right behind the trans pan on my car...took me 2 hours, most of which was just scraping the old gasket off)? PLEASE help...we don't want to junk the car, and we can't afford a trans rebuild or even a rebuilt or new trans, esp. since we don't have a garage to do the fix in ourselves :(
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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