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Hey all, first post here, but definitely not new to posting on forums.

I've had a 3.0 SHO engine sitting around for several years now. Engine came out of a wrecked car that had only 76,000 on it. I believe it was a '90 model, and was a 5 speed. I bought it with the intention of swapping it into a fox body, but the project never got off the ground.

Well, a buddy of mine has a '94 Taurus that was originally his parents, then passed down to him, and then he passed it down to his daughter. The 3.8 in the car finally recently blew at 170,000, must have been the best 3.8 ever built. :lol2: The car is clean inside and out, and hell, the A/C even still works. He was quoted like 3 grand to drop another engine in, so he was just going to send it to the Pull-A-Part.. But then the idea struck me, I have this SHO engine sitting around doing nothing, and I can get the car for basically nothing, so...

How hard would this swap be? I know where a good 5 speed SHO trans is for cheap. The engine I have is complete and I have the harness and computer for it. I'm a car guy and have done many engine swaps before, though have never really dug into a Taurus other then doing routine maintenance on the 2002 SEL my parents bought new. (it got totaled in 2006 at 138,000 trouble free miles) I also got to tour the Atlanta/Hapeville Taurus plant back in 2005 before it shut down because I knew some guys that worked there, it was pretty cool.

Anyway, would appreciate any help with this. Thanks!
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