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94 Taurus 3.8l Quits

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I have a good running 94 Taurus GL 3.8l...when it runs. I can drive it for five minutes or five days then engine quits...no fire. I let it set for a while, sometimes a whole day and she starts right up. I only have one code..EGR valve. I'm not overheating and getting plenty of fuel pressure. I've replaced the ignition module, PCV, coil, and distrubutor pickup(was not easy). If anyone can give me input other than the brain please send it my way.
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What does the EGR code say? I snapped my EGR vacuum lines once and my car would start but wouldn't stay running until I got the lines fixed. Just something to consider, not sure if that's what your problem is. Good luck.
I'd check my negative battery cable, for starters. (No pun intended)

Look for some sort of a bad ground - it sounds like you've pretty much replaced everything on what I would describe as the 'positive' side of the circuit: Everything before the spark plugs's Ground electrodes.

Grab that negative battery cable, and give it a real mean yank! There is no way that you can damage a cable that's in decent shape by doing this, but a frayed, or corroded cable may snap.

Good luck,

Edit: BTW, just curious - how did you verify "No Spark"?
Buy your car some roses, and have dinner by candlelight and listen to some romantic music. Or just buy it some midol.
hello! I had this same exact type of problem on my 1994 taurus 3.8 lx and i had the same problem on my 93.

I dont know if this is exact fact or not but a buddy of mine told me that there was a recall on the wire that leads to the starter because it corrodes alot faster than it should. Im not sure if thats fact or not.

But with that knowlage handy everytime my car wouldent start i would climb under the car and wiggle that wire on the starter a few times and get in the car to start it and it would fire up. Somtimes it takes a couple times wiggling. This happened on Both my taurus and my tempo and i used that method as a temp fix for them both.

I went and baught a new starter for my tempo and my mechanic told me the one he ordered came with and "updated" starter wire to prevent this from happening.

My taurus on the other hand, hasnt had this problem in months so im going to wait till i need a new starter to replace the wire.

So give the wire a wiggle i bet thats the problem, my firend has the exact same car as you and had the exact same problem, and thats how he fixed it.

lemme know if it works.

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A spark tester comes in handy no matter what your doing. Almost every parts store has one, Just hook your coil wire to it and the other end to ground. Mine has a threaded body you can adjust to see how much spark your getting.
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