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High All

I have a 1993 Taurus 3.8L that was given to my step daughter and was in pretty sad shape
I've almost succeeded I'm making a silk purse out of a sows ear

After all motor mounts, complete brake job, both O2 sensors, IAC, plugs\wires and EGR PFE I'm about there

I had nightmares with the PFE, the original was kaput for sure (did a bench test and got zero voltage change)

The original was a Kavlico #P604-9264-1 in it so I got a NAPA replacement (I double checked the number for compatibility)

In the car it failed and gave an EGR code so I checked out the wiring and EVR and found it would duty cycle OK but the PFE would not change voltage doing a pressure test on it

I took the new one back to the bench, hooked it up via 5v computer power supply and blew in the attached hose and it specked out perfect

Back on the car zilch, so it did a check on the vref and found it was 5v negative instead of positive

I reversed to vref lines so as to feed it positive and everything works great now

I posting this so as to help others that might run across this and also get input to why this could happen

The plug to it looked untouched and also the colors matched out right but was reverse polarity

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