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1993 SHO
181,000 miles
Green with the half cloth/half leather interior

I am selling the SHO because we just purchased a minivan - which fits nicely with the birth of our first child.

I am the second owner of the SHO. It came from my Dad's best friend, who bought it new in 93. I've owned it since March of this year. I drove it down from NH to TN - about 1,000 miles - without any problems at all. The car is now in Knoxville, TN.

Recent Repairs
I planned on keeping the car for a long while, so I had a bunch of work done to it. In fact, I've put about $2,500 in it. I replaced anything that looked like it might affect reliability. Since it is my daily driver, I am most concerned with reliability. All work was done by a respected and trusted mechanic. Here are the new parts put on it:

-Ball joints
-Rack and pinion
-Serpentine belt
-Idler pulley
-Stabilizer bar
-Front pads and rotors
-Transmission service
-Change oil (Always had Mobil 1)
-Charge A/C
-Power steering lines

The Good
PW, PDL, A/C, Rear def, auto climate control, auto lights, CD player, pwr seats, remote entry, etc. - all that stuff works.

The paint and body are in good shape overall. No dents. A scratch and a chip here and there, but IMHO better than average. It needs a good cleaning/buffing to make it shine nicely.

The interior is in good shape. No rips or tears. It is worn some, but IMHO is better than average.

Kelly Charger tires (215/60R16) with good tread on them.

The Bad
The ATX is a little tender. It was rebuilt (for the 4th time) a year or so ago.

It needs struts. It makes the banging noise any Taurus will make when it needs struts. It could also benefit from new shocks to make the ride better. However, since neither of those affects reliability, I left them alone.

I am told the A/C has a small leak around the compressor, but it blows very cold and works just fine.

The pwr antenna is stuck in the up position. But, the radio works.

Borla exhaust
Throttle body
Chip (not in car right now)
Aftermarket fog lights (that have a stock look)
1996 SHO brake conversion

It comes with the complete set of service manuals for Ford for 1993. (The manuals fill up a box completely. The set even comes with separate wiring diagrams. My Dad's friend is an electrical engineer and wanted complete information on the car.)

It also comes with some parts, such as the original fog lights, the original throttle body, extra bulbs, a new interior part, etc.

Thanks for looking. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can PM me or email me at [email protected]. -Donald/Coil99

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I'm very interested in this car, if I were to purchase it (be it if it is still available) how would I go about getting it since I live in Chicago, IL? Any other information on the car pertaining to its VIN history? Any pictures? You may e-mail me at [email protected]

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I put a new battery in a few days ago. The battery cables could be replaced, but they do work.

But, it looks like the SHO needs an alternator. I took it to AutoZone today and had it put on the machine. Unfortunately, the alternator isn't getting the job done. I'm not going to fix it. The car is going "as is" if anyone is interested.

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Originally posted by gabod7@Aug 1 2004, 08:57 PM
With the alternator messed up, will it run from tn. down to south ga.?
I'm not sure I'd take that chance. I think it is best to replace it. Plus, that would kill a brand new battery.

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Originally posted by Racer X@Aug 10 2004, 10:53 AM
ATX!!!!!! Booo!!!!!

original fog lights.
Yes, I would have prefered the 5spd, but what can you do? :p

I told the guy that may buy the car that he can have all the parts, including the original fog lights. But I can let him know you are interested if he buys it.
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