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93 and 94 rear struts

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I am wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between the 1993 and 1994 (94s built after Feb 1994) rear struts are? The parts companies list different part numbers for these two struts.

I have an extra pair of new Gabriel struts (and mounts) for my 94 (my 94 is built after 3/94) that I would like to use on my 1993 but noticed that the 93 calls for a different rear strut part number than the 94.

Anyone know the physical difference between these? Or am I out of luck......I know the rear strut mount part numbers are the same and the coil spring part numbers are the same......so I am guessing the the diameters of the struts are different or something and the 94 (built after 3/94) wont fit into the rear wheel knuckle on the 93?
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The only difference I could think of would be the short or long housings, but I thought the change was made earlier, like 92. I could be wrong.
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