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92 Wagon Water Pump Replacement

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The job looks pretty easy but don't have the time and to tell the truth the heart either. Just wondering what I can expect for a bill. I have a 6 cyl 3.0 and have a u in the vin # pumps are relativly inexpensive (about 35-40) whats the time table and extras I can expect to shell out? Any info will be apreciated.
Thanks, Vermonstaa <_<
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Welcome to TCCA! :)
Somebody here recently was quoted ~$600 from the Ford stealer, but a local independent shop did it for a little over $200, parts, labor and fresh antifreeze included. If you have it done, have the cooling system flushed out and replace the thermostat with an OEM unit at the same time.

Good luck!
i just had mine done on my 95 vulcan, shop did it for $300 CAN.
I did it myself, and it took me a little over 2 hours to do it. It should be around $200 at an independant garage.

If you insist on taking it to Ford, I also have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn... :lol:
Is the water pump really that hard to replace on a vulcan? I would assume it would be harder on the essex due to the tighter space involved...I was quoted $160 by my mechanic, but it turned to around $210 because I let it actually seize up and take the belt and idler pulley along with it :D
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