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Damn.... 8 weeks, but the car is finally back together and driving! I disassembled the car for a couple of simple mods, and the more I thought about it, the deeper I got into it.

So the changes are:

New front knuckles/hubs
Moog tie rod ends
Moog front endlinks
Aluminum front subframe bushings
EBC slotted/dimpled rotors
EBC green stuff pads
new SHO calipers and brackets
18,000 GVW TruCool LPD stacked plate tranny cooler
Magnefine tranny filter
cleaned secondaries (upper and lower intakes cleaned)
optimized secondary butterflies and throttle body.
replaced old plugs with Autolite Double Platinums
Ford Racing 9mm ignition wires (from a 2.5L Duratec Cougar/Contour)
torque strap
drilled strut tower plates for camber adjustment
Moog front strut towers
Moog TPR rear endlinks
Energy Suspension polyurethane rear sway bar mounts
Rear bias plugs
Valvoline synthetic DOT 4 brake fluid
Kazera KZ-R 17x7 rims (only 18lbs each!)

Still waiting on rear SFC's from Bob. (knudge knudge t3h bOB!!!!)

well, that's all I can remember right now. Here's some pics

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Originally posted by SHO Continental@May 29 2004, 12:26 AM
I would've painted something in there.. body color or a nice contrast.
The calipers are painted in graphite.

I purchased the rotors and pads from Tire Rack. They are for the SHO, EBC slotted/dimpled and EBC green stuff pads.

They cost $250 for the set before shipping.
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