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Tranny fluid, filter and tranny cooler while your at it.

Fuel Filter.

PCV valve.

How are the brakes? Maybe get those checked. Change brake fluid.

Air filter.

Change cabin filter if your car has one.

Check spare tire for full inflation. You never know.

Top off all fluids.

Check air in all tires.

Check all hoses under the hood for cracks or for being soft.

Ceck Serp. belt. for cracks or for being uneven.

Take out a spark plug and see what they look like. You could go with a bosch set for $12 bucks.

Check Plug wires for cracks or being worn.

I know your car is not used but any car I get a hold of almost always gets $100 put into it just to make it run tip top.

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Wait a minute...what kind of car is this?lol.
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