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I wanna do a full 60k maintenance (preferably for tauruses/sables gen3) on my car but i was just wondering if anybody has any videos cause im kind of a visual person when it comes to cars
its about time i start taking good car of my ride cause its been good to me (smoking all those fucking ricers :D ) and its about time i do the same
it doesnt need to be REALLY descriptive cause i got a haynes repair manual

There's no video that I know of for the Vulcan. It's fairly simple though, and I'll recommend what I would do:

-Air filter
-PCV valve
-Fuel filter
-Cabin air filter (under the cowl) if you have one.
-Transmission filter change and flush, add a secondary cooler while you're at it.

That's about it really, there's not much maintenance involved with a Non-SHO V6.
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