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60k Maintenance

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My car is actually at 65k now.

I am planning on getting:

Transmission flushed (or whatever they do.)
Coolant Flushed (Low coolant light is always on too maybe the flush will clean the sensor, or maybe I'll need a new coolant tank?)
Power steering Flush
Replace Fuel Filter

Anything else? Belts? Hoses? The belts sounds squeaky, I've heard of them being replaced at 60k miles but any tips or other suggestions?

I will probably just spend the dough and get it done right at the dealership. I was considering doing the fuel filter myself, but have no way of de-pressurizing the fuel system, and thought that could be a major pain)

I recently got new tires, balanced, aligned, and have changed the oil.

Thanks for any help.
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It's really easy to relieve the pressure on the fuel lines. Inside your trunk is an inertial fuel pump cutoff switch. there should be a two-wire harness on the bottom of it. Just disonnect the switch, and start the car. the car will die after a few seconds as the residual pressure drops. Then just replace the filter.

The only thing on your list that you can't do yourself is the Transmission fluid flush. You can drop the pan and replae the filter, but you need a special pump to flush out all the fluid. I had mine done recently, and it cost me about $110.

I wouldn't clean the TB. The coating on the plate is sensative, and using harsh cleaners can ruin it, messing up your idle.

Definately flush out the coolant system, and replae the T-stat. Go ahead an replace plugs and wires while your at it.

For the PS flush, you can disconnect the retun line on the pump, and start the car. Have a friend add PS fluid to the reseviour while you dump the return into a bucket. I would use about 6-8 qts.
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