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I bought both a 5star tune and an unleashed tune for my 2010 Taurus SEL 3.5 N/A here’s my experience and notable differences. (93 octane)

$150 5star-wait time was absolutely horrible I kept being told I’d get it the next day, then the next day would come and I wouldn’t hear back or I’d be told it’d be next day. I ordered the tune 9/3/20 and finally got it 9/14/20, it’s not all their fault as I’m sure with COVID and apparent internet issues they’re pretty booked if you order from them just expect a pretty decent wait time

the tune from 5star was pretty meh, the transmission is a lot more aggressive other than that there’s not much to note they have 16* timing in it at WOT and it’s commanding 30% more fuel which is an extreme amount for a stock N/A car shift point is at 6325RPM it drives like a stock car, you go WOT the tranny downshift pins you back then after that it just kind of cruises along.

$200 unleashed- wait time is maybe 30 minutes I messaged Torrie at about 8pm and received the tune at about 8:28pm He’s answered a lot of questions for me and has been overall perfect and quick.

the tune from unleashed is a big difference over stock and 5star there’s zero drive by wire lag the drivability difference is absolutely insane it feels like the throttle body is attached to the pedal, the trans isn’t as aggressive as 5stars but it’s still a good difference, Torrie has 20* timing at WOT and it’s commanding about 5-10% more fuel Which is just about correct for what the car is his shift points are set at around 6300RPM there’s quite a difference in pull to his tune and it seems generally happier when you put your foot down, I plan on using Torrie permanently for any other mods I do to my car his tune was $200 and 5stars was $150 he’s 100% worth the extra $50.

that’s my experience with 5star & unleashed I plan on doing more modifications to the Taurus and seeing how it progresses. Once I get new tires for it I plan on going to my local dyno and comparing stock-5star-unleashed tunes. I’ll get an overlay so it’s not just comparing peak to peak so everyone can see the difference under the chart. Hope this helps someone, cheers!
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