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5-0 Radio

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Just wanted to share my tale with all of you. I went out last night to rent a movie, and on my way home I decided I wanted to drive a little more (it was a nice night out). So I took a route which I had never taken before, but I was pretty sure that I knew where it would lead me. I was just enjoying myself with the windows down "and the system up". I reached the outskirts of town and realized that I had no idea where I was, so I turned around. As I came over a hill, and back into town, I saw a cop car, but didnt think much of it since I wasnt (fortunatley) speeding. I drove past, but checked my rearview mirror just out of habbit, and sure enough there were the old red and blue lights. It turns out that in the town I was in, if the sound system can be heard from fifty feet, its a ticketable offense. So now I have a $55 ticket to deal with. All I can say is, the stock system in the Taurus is nice, regardless of what people say.

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