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Hey Everyone,

My Taurus is just about to hit 100k; in the last couple weeks my radio went out. I searched the forum for solutions, but wasn't able to find anything.

I have the standard football, no climate control. My HVAC works great, all the buttons and switches light up just fine. My speedometer, and defroster work, except for my radio. At night when I'm driving, it appears that the screen is red, I don't know if that's just how it always is. I checked and swapped the fuses near the peddles, everything looks fine.

Every so often, the clock on the radio will work, but far and beyond nothing shows up on the face. A few months ago this all started with the radio cutting out, and eventually it started freezing; not responding to any input, and turning its self to 101.1. Eventually the radio simply stopped working. I tried to do some troubleshooting of my own, I've noticed recently that when I start the car, the tape player seems to make sounds is trying to extract something. A few weeks ago, my antenna would go up about an inch and come back down.

I went to a junk yard and bought an RCU and head unit, swapped one and the other, with no luck. Unfortunately I don't have another 3rd gen to test out what unit specifically went wrong.

I've tried calling various automotive electronic repair places, and none of them will touch the radio. I'm not sure if even Ford will be willing to work on it, since it's a 16 year old car.

Where should I go from here? Does it sound like a problem with the head unit, the RCU or an electrical problem? Is there any more testing I can do on the radio or the RCU? Should I just swap a 3rd party radio in the car? The stock radio works just fine, but I'm getting sick of driving without sound.
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