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Can someone tell what is the difference between the transaxles in a '93 Taurus and a '94 Taurus, if both cars are a 3.8 engine? I have a '93 Taurus that the trannie is going out and I have located a '94 Ford rebuilt trannie for a good price, but I have checked in the Hollander interchange book and it says they won't interchange. I know that they are physically the same and the difference must be in the electronics.

Somehow there must be a way to interchange these trannies. If I change the PCM (computer) on my '93 Taurus to the '94 PCM, would that allow the '94 trannie to work in my '93 Taurus?

Mike - Chattanooga, TN

[email protected]

'91 SHO Plus 3.2 Conversion
'92 Taurus GL 3.0
'93 Taurus GL 3.8
'93 (2) Roush/Bondurant Sable SHO
'93 Roush/Bondurant Taurus SHO
'94 SHO 3.2 ATX
'95 Taurus SE 3.0


Are they both SLO transmissions? The reason I ask is because the SHO trans was different. Some of the later 90's got the AX4S, some of them got the 4N. The 3.8 should have the AXOD, which is basically the same as a 4S, but as you mentioned there are minor differences in electronics and internals. The only difference I would see between a 92 and 94 trans is if it's an AXOD or an AXOD-E, but I'm almost positive all later Gen 2's had the AXOD-E.

I'm sure someone with more experience could shed a little more light.
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