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I was browsing Morana Racing's Website (http://www.moranav6racing.com) when I came across their "New Innovations" Page. Top of the list is,

"Carburated Intakes
These standard height intake manifolds
are made to change 97 and up 3.8 V6 & 4.2
motors, from twin port, fuel-injected to
2 or 4-barrel carburated engines.
Also available for high rise applications"

With this picture:

So is this a kit to carb a 3.8?
If so, what kinda HP/TQ we talkin bout here?

I doubt there's any gains to be had, EFI is always more efficient than a carburetor. It would be useful though, in different applications, such as racing. Some classes of racing have rules on fuel induction, etc., and someone could use this to run a carb of an approved size. I don't think it would work very well for our applications though.

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IMO, it is most useful if you want to use a newer 3.8L on an old hot rod. This way you can obtain a cheap junkyard 3.8L, add an aftermarket ignition, carb, and toss all the PCM/ECU crap. Of course, you'll still have headgasket issues.
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