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3.5L V6 Naturally Aspirated Preferred Tuner

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The car I personally have is a 2013 Taurus Limited FWD w/ a 3.5l V6, but I figured I'd make the topic broader to just the engine.

What tuner is preferred to tune this engine? Compatibility-wise, I've mostly seen the SCT X4 and an HP Tuner setup. Ideally, I want something that's cost-effective (under $500 to $600), but also has good features. If there's another device, feel free to mention that too. Any tips for tunning this engine/car would be greatly appreciated too.
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I have this one.

They just load it with their tunes for different octane fuels and you load them in. You cannot tune yourself so to speak. I had to tell them to raise the speed limiter, they set it at 135 mph. Yes the car will go 135 mpg and then some if you're brave enough. I run mine with the 89 octane tune. It feels a little better. The tranny seems a bit more smart as it shifts when it should and doesn't hunt as much for a gear. The shift points are raised a few hundred RPMs and they are a bit firmer. I do see the price has gone up, I paid $400.00 back in 2017 when I got my car.

The 89 octane tune was good for a consistent tenth and a half at the drag strip. Best run with the tune was 14.88 @ 94 mph, best run without the tune was 15.03 @ 92 mph. I've never tried the 93 octane tune ever.
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I use the Hypertech 42501 tuner on my 2008. Price around $400. Measured 7% improvement in horsepower on the dyno. Set speed limiter to Y tires - 186 mph. Car easily went at 123.4 mph in Big Bend Open Road Race last Saturday - limited to 124 mph by race rules in my class. 87 octane, but Hypertech has 93 Octane tune available.
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Update - CAr went 137.9 mph in Nevada Open Road Challenge (limited to 140 mph race rules in 115 mph class). 87 octane tune.
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I can't find very many options for the 2014 Ford Taurus Limited AWD N/A V6 neither?.
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