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I have a 2000 Taurus with the 3.0 Liter Vulcan Engine.

I need to know if anybody out there has installed a "Cold Air Intake" system to my car listed above.

Any help will be Appreciated

So far, I have installed a "Under Drive" Crankshaft Pulley from SHOSOURCE.COM

I also have a Magnaflow Y-Pipe installed. I had the Rather Restrictive "Factory" system removed, along with the tubing that connected to the Y-Pipe itself

From the Y-Pipe, I have a 2 1/2 inch tubing back to the rear bumper with a High Flow
Magnaflow muffler. I lost 10 miles on a full tank of gas, I can live with it.

Yes its louder, but I can live with it. I I just turn up the volume & Problem Solved.
It also came from the Factory with a 10 Disk CD CHANGER in the trunk.

That my friend is a lot of Tunes. And if I go on a "Road Trip" I just bring another 10 or so CDs & I am "Good to Go" Which is a Military term. I am also, A

Honorably Discharged Naval Veteran I was on the USS Ranger CV-61
A.K.A The Rust Bucket Ranger. Mostly due to rust almost anywhere on her, from top to bottom, expecially down in the lower part of the "Boat"

I was in V-2 Division, which is "Catapults & Arresting Gear"

The Catapults are what Launched the Aircraft, which is Steam Powered.

And I also worked in the Arresting Gear Compartment is "Below Deck" under the Flight Deck

Working on the Flight Deck is one of the MOST DANGEROUS jobs
IN THE WORLD. One guy was Killed & another was hurt very badly.

Do any of Yuz Guys play the Guitar??? Me personally am a
"Stratocaster" a.k.a. a Fender Strat kind of guy.
according to Fender, they only made 150 of them.
Can you say, Limited Edition"???? Sure, I knew you could!!!
Also all of its "Hardware" is GOLD PLATED

My Amplifer is a Vintage 1982 Fender Princeton Chorus
There aren't a lot of them lying around. I bought if for $250.00 used.

I bought it both for the Chorus Channel & that it is American aMade.

Also, while working for Aurora Music, I actually got to meet, in the flesh,
who is in my own opinion the Best Guitar Player that ever picked up a guitar,
and that would be Stevie Ray Vaughan He played in our store fo 1 1/2 hours.
What Amp he bought, I don't recall

But to see Stevie Ray, Playin in your store, it jsut doesn't Get any Better Than That

There is a guy named "Steve Vai" that is supposed to be Numero Uno, but I beg to differ. I'm Sorry, but Stevie Ray, just Buries Mr. Vai

Well, Alrighty then, I am So Outa Here once again.

Brian, Lloyd B. & the Fretman

P.S. If ya want to call me, my phone # 208-948-9917
This is a Cell Phone & my only phone.

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Ford did, when they designed the car. It already has a cold air intake, but there's some mods that can be done to the Vulcan (although there isn't much that can be done, short of tearing down the engine). Leave the intake as-is, but consider using quality air filters. You can re-program the pcm, and change the shift points on the trans.

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I installed a custom cold air setup on my car. Did it mostly for noise, and because I got the parts for free. Sounds really neat, but I'm fairly sure it doesn't make any more power than the stock setup with a high flow filter and the silencer removed. B)

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Huh? What does the part of the post that has Honorably Discharged Naval Veteran, Aurora Music, flight deck, your amp and the 10 disc factory changer have anything to do with a CAI set up. I don't understand 3/4 of your post because it seems random.. :dunno:

If thats your intro, please post it in the appropriate section.

And to answer your questions, like the previous poster said, you already have a stock CAI. If you want something fancy like what
ffvulcanpowah did. You have to fabricate it or have someone do it for you. This will require tubes which you can get from the exhaust shop. Some brackets or adapters and cone filters.

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If you looked around.. you'd have found the CAI thread at the top of this page ;)

I've installed one.. its not worth the time and money. drop in a good panel filter and call it done bro. :)
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