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So a junkyard I went to today had about 2 dozen Taurus’ a few Escapes a Mazda MPV and a couple Mazda M6’s. Only about a quarter of the Taurus’ had the Duratec engines and none of them had a Thermostat housing like mine.

I ended up taking this one from the Mazda MPV. It’s got the same shape as mine but it doesn’t have the coolant sensor. I’m thinking I can add it be drilling and taping or adding a coolant sensor at another spot on the engine.

One thing I noticed about my Taurus is that the coolant line transverses across the engine bay to the passenger side. Most of them at the junkyard attached to the radiator on the drivers side.

I must have a very unique and rare Taurus. I should auction it off on EBay! View attachment 219351
I have '03 Sable and '03 Taurus both DOHC. The wiring is different, the A/C plumbing is different. Did not know until I put a belt on the Taurus and it was super cramped around the Alt pulley. Sable had free open to the frame.
Best of luck.
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