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Here we are everyone, the first 2016 TCCA Car of the Quarter Submission thread! Anyone can submit as long as they fall in the rules for submission, you don't even have to have a super fancy decked out car though it will can help you have a leg up on the competition!



All submissions that do not meet the criteria WILL be removed, without notification, and your spot may be given to someone else, so make it complete the first time to guarantee your spot.

Only one post per entrant. You MUST post at the very least 5 GOOD quality pictures. At least one of those pictures must be of the interior. The car should be clean, unless dirty for the ambiance of the picture(winter months), and the photos should be of very good quality. Old pictures are fine as long as they represent your car the way it currently sits. Please specify which photo you would like to be your voting photo. If not I will select which one I feel best suits your vehicle. I will not change photos once voting has begun!

Voting begins the 15th and ends at the end of the month! There are room for 5 entries only, first come first serve with a COMPLETE and acceptable submission! If all 5 are filled before the 15th, voting will start as soon as the slots are filled.

PLEASE, NO DISCUSSION HERE, ONLY SUBMISSIONS! Any other talk or banter will be deleted.

The winner will be promoted on the websites home page for a month!

The winner will also receive a 1 year FREE Premium Supporter subscription to the site! This means no advertisements, and a forum where only supporters may converse.

You will also be entered in the 2016 COTY contest. The winner of that will win a LIFETIME PLATINUM membership!

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I am entering Old Faithful, finally! We bought it in December 1997 (build date October 1989) so it was eight years old when we bought it; it had 74,000 miles on it then, 190,000 miles on it now. We had just moved here, our credit was iffy and the Buick was on its last legs so we got it from one of those infamous Florida 30%-interest dealers...I swore I would get my money's worth out of it. I think I did so. :) Everything still works, including the original power doorlock motors which is a miracle in itself.

It's been my daily driver for twelve years now. Tranny's been rebuilt by the best shop in south Florida, and I have done most of the rest of the work myself over the years. HVAC system rebuilt with NOS parts in 2012; front- and rear-end suspensions rebuilt in 2013 and 2015; and with Nick Myers's (BullGeek) help I replaced the old sunburnt dash with a great parts-yard pull just last weekend. I'm still looking in my garage for the rest of the kickpanel trim to finish the job, but that's out there somewhere. What else? - oh, yeah, I have the liftgate inside trim off while I chase an electrical gremlin or two to get the rear wiper working again. The motor is good, I just have a broken wire somewhere. I also have replaced the front and rear bumper covers with good, solid parts-yard pulls, after painting them to carry the side trim theme around the car. Stock for '90 was a weird grayish-silver in place of the body color the way I painted them, but I like this better. The rear bumper was a PAIN. Took a few years to FIND one, then I had to sand/prime/paint it and figure out how to carry the side treatment around the back. I think it came out all right. :) Then some da**ed snowbird backed into it, and scratched the paint. So, that needs tending to. When my back will allow, I'll pull the bumper and repaint the damaged area.

The car is NOT a show car. I haul stuff in it all the time, and the back end inside will show that. Large deal. Until we get a pickup truck again, it does the job surprisingly well and always has. The new springs and shocks and swaybar bushings make the car fun to throw around on the road!

Only REAL departure from stock (aside from inventive repairs and hose replacements in the non-availability of original parts, or my unwillingness to pay ridiculous prices for those still available) is my custom dash cluster...came from a Sable for the tach; swapped in a SHO 140mph speedo, because I do drive faster than 85! and painted the cluster surround silver. Also wirebrushed the fake woodgrain off of the dash skin (had to remove that, what a chore) down to brushed aluminum. I like the result, hope y'all do too. Hope the pics come through OK. Oh, I also converted both front seats to powered seats in place of the original manual ones. I still have to wash the upholstery on the passenger side - you can see the difference between it and the driver's side which I cleaned two years ago. The back seat is a delight; unlike most wagons where the back seat or two back seats are afterthoughts, this is every bit as comfortable on a trip as the front seats. In 2001 my son (who learned how to drive on this car when he was 17, he's going on 36 now) was home on R&R from the Navy and he, Sarah and I went up to Tampa to a Star Trek convention. I let my boy drive, Sarah rode shotgun, and I spent two hours in the backseat (so I could grab an occasional smoke as we drove along, I hadn't quit yet). It was every bit as roomy and comfy as up front.

Everything that came in the car works...the dashboard cupholders, the change tray - I repaired them when I had the dash out in 2012 to rebuild the HVAC system), the original stereo with cassette player, as mentioned the original power door locks and motors, the windows (I've replaced motors probably fourteen times across four doors over the years), the seats, the rear window wiper, washer and defroster, you name it. I believe in maintaining my cars. Surprisingly, the starter motor is the original unit. (Hope I didn't jinx that, by saying that!) The heads have never been off the block of the Vulcan engine. The oil pan and transmission pan are clean enough to eat out of, and the bottom end is surprisingly clean for its mileage. I am not religious about the fluid changes, but I do keep up with them. The crank bearings are in good shape and the valvetrain is clean and gets proper lube - no blocked oil ports. The block's coolant ports are clean and the coolant is fresh. I could spend another thread just describing all the parts I have replaced over the past two years, replacing worn stuff since I decided to keep it a while longer. Every front-end component has been replaced with Motorcraft, or Moog and Gabriel parts...same with the rear end. Put another way...this car, mechanically, is three years old.:)

Please use the LF quarter view for the submission pic, thanks ~


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1997 Ford Taurus GL
AX4S transmission
230,000 miles
Exterior: Toreador Red Clearcoat Metallic
Interior: Saddle

It's March 1999. Our 1989 Chevy Astro van is on its last legs, frequently the engine stalls and other things are going wrong. My dad decided that it would be best to get rid of it. I was very upset as I had "grown up" with it (even though I was only three :p). I still remember the last time I saw it, looking on from the garage as my dad drove away, my eyes full of tears. I proclaimed that I was going to go to the junkyard someday to get it back. (It would be cool to go on a treasure hunt of sorts and see what happened to it.)

I wait for a couple hours and see the Taurus pull into the driveway. I hate it. Not because of how it looks, but just because it's not the Astro. I spent about a year hating it before I began to warm up to it. By first grade (2002), I loved it! My favorite part of it (and it still is) is the Toreador red. Something about it just looks really nice, maybe a deep red would be a good way to describe it. I love the saddle cloth interior as well.

So now it's 2006. My dad wants to get rid of it. I can't remember why, nothing was wrong with it. Eventually I talked him into keeping it because it would save money. At various time over the next few years he wanted to get rid of it, but I was going to do everything I could to keep it so I would be able to drive it.

Now it's June 2011, I have my temps, I'm finally driving it! Stomping on the gas and hearing the Vulcan rev up is just a great experience. B) But it would be just my luck that something would go wrong right when I get my regular license. See this thread for further details: Can anyone help out a fellow Taurus owner?

We got that fixed and all was well until that problem popped up again. See the above thread again for further details. But it was a minor issue, so no harm no foul.

Now it's November 2012. There is a 2010 Taurus for sale that my dad is ready to get. He casually says he's going to take in mine and trade it in. What? :angry: No, I'm not going to have any of that! I was on high alert at that point and kept the Taurus in my sights at all times. I drove it to school when it wasn't my turn to drive just to be sure. The 2010 got sold on Monday and that was that. I think he finally given up on the idea of getting rid of mine considering when we almost bought one in January 2013 he told the salesman that he wasn't trading anything in. So I no longer had to worry about that.

Fast forward to January of this year. My friend an I went up to the Detroit auto show. I wanted to take the 2013 Taurus, but I figured my dad wouldn't let me, so I didn't bother to ask. Plus, it was sort of a test for Carlisle later this year which is probably an additional three hours compared to Detroit. The whole way up was a breeze. We got to the garage and was glad to know we made it without an issue. As I pull away from the pay gate the car isn't accelerating anymore. Suddenly it jerks into gear and then back out. Uh oh. :( I coast into a parking spot and hear grinding sounds and a noise as if a metal chunk was being thrown around. I checked the transmission fluid and knew it was finished. Eventually we towed it home to where it's been sitting on the street for the past couple months, waiting for someone to buy it.

It's been a long, fun ride, in the ol' Bull. I'll hate to see it go, but getting to drive it for nearly five years was more than I could ask for. So please vote for my Taurus for COTQ as this will be the last time I'm able to enter it. :)

Second picture will be the voting pic.

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Well, I guess I will submit mine. The stem of a bit of controversy around these woods previously, but I like the idea of COTM/COTQ/COTY.

My 2013 Ford Taurus SEL. Purchased on January 26, 2015 with 71,423 miles, currently around 97,500 miles. Regular 8000mi oil changes with AMSOil XL Synthetic. I recently clay barred and waxed the paint after another rough WI winter.

PI Grille
Go Rhino push bar
Eyourlife 23" Light bar
Eyourlife 6 LED pods
SHO PP 20" "flower power" rims
Sumitomo 245-45R20 Ultra High Performance All Season tires
(2) Shok Triton 15" Subwoofers infinite baffle
American Bass PH1600MD Amp
Sky High Car Audio 1/0 and 4ga wiring, RCAs, battery terminals
VTE Warehouse power distribution
Plastidipped trunk lettering, window trim, fender insert, and trunk trim anthracite grey
Plastidipped headlights w/ smoke and glossifier

First picture is voting picture.


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I'll toss mine into the mix. I've owned it about 4 years and try to keep it in top shape but previous owner deserves a lot of credit for getting it to me in excellent condition. This is my 5th Taurus/Sable and by far my favorite!

2004 Sable LS Premium
24v Duratec engine
Dark Shadow Grey Pearl Metallic
Mach amp with 6-disk CD Changer in arm rest
Leather, sunroof, adjustable pedals
140K miles

Submission photo:

A few others:


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I'll take that spot!!

voting pic^^^

This is my 2002 Mercury Sable that finally got lowered. The car has almost 200k and now has all new struts. Car also has a custom magnaflow exhaust with 3rd cat delete. A true aftermarket CAI. And I finally installed the factory Ford spoiler to complete the look that the car has today. If you want more information about this car please visit the build thread/project log here: Project log
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