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Here we are everyone, the second 2015 TCCA Car of the Quarter Submission thread! Anyone can submit as long as they fall in the rules for submission, you don't even have to have a super fancy decked out car though it will can help you have a leg up on the competition!



The rules are NOT the same as it was for the COTM! All submissions that do not meet the criteria WILL be removed, without notification, and your spot may be given to someone else, so make it complete the first time to guarantee your spot.

Only one post per entrant. You MUST post at the very least 5 GOOD quality pictures. At least one of those pictures must be of the interior. The car should be clean, unless dirty for the ambiance of the picture(winter months), and the photos should be of good quality. Old pictures are fine as long as they represent your car the way it currently sits. Please specify which photo you would like to be your voting photo. If not I will select which one I feel best suits your vehicle. I will not change photos once voting has begun!

Voting begins the 15th and ends at the end of the month! There are room for 5 entries only, first come first serve with a COMPLETE and acceptable submission! If all 5 are filled before the 15th, voting will start as soon as the slots are filled.

PLEASE, NO DISCUSSION HERE, ONLY SUBMISSIONS! Any other talk or banter will be deleted.

The winner will be promoted on the websites home page for a month!

The winner will also receive a 1 year FREE Premium Supporter subscription to the site! This means no advertisements, and a forum where only supporters may converse.

You will also be entered in the 2015 COTY contest. The winner of that will win a LIFETIME PLATINUM membership!

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I thought I would throw my car into the mix and see what ahppens...I got the car in 2013 from my grandmother (original owner). When I got the the car it had 57K miles on it, it just turned over 81K miles (which is pretty awesome considering there are cars half its age with twice the miles), I digress. A little about the mods that have been done to the car:
Motorcraft cam synchronizer and cam position sensor
New alternator
Replaced the AC clutch
Motorcraft double platinum plugs
Taylor 8.2mm plug wires
MSD coil pack
New headlight assemblies w/6000K HID headlights
35% window tint all the way around
Rockford Fosgate 10" 4-ohm DVC
MB Quart 6.5" component set (doors) and 6x9s (rear deck)
Rockford Fosgate 500 watt (rms) mono amp (sub)
MB Quart 640 watt 4-channel (mids/highs)
Dynamated doors and trunk floorboards
Big gauge oxygen free copper speaker wire throughout
"Big 3" charging system upgrade
Replaced every single bulb with an LED
Gen-2 Taurus SHO wheels w 225/60s


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2010 Taurus Limited
Tuxedo Black Metallic
3.5L V6
Lamin-X "Smoke" tined headlights
Custom black diamond mesh grill
Morimoto 50w 6k HIDs
Tinted tails
Roofline Spoiler
SHO trunk spoiler

Stock Sony 12 speaker stereo has been bypassed completely. Pioneer 80PRS has been installed as a stand alone unit. Tweeters have been replaced with Crescendo RTS1s run off a Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 in 2 channel mode. Custom made tweeter pods were made to fit straight into the stock A pillar trim. Front door speakers have been replaced with PRV Neos and rear doors have been replaced with Crescendo Audio PWX6s all runn off a Crescendo Audio 550.2. Sub stage is now 2 12" DC Audio XLs running off a SoundQubed 3500. Starting battery has been replaced with a XS Power D6500 and a secondary battery has been installed in the trunk which is a XS Power XP950.

Here is a link to my audio build.

Build Log

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This is Allison, AKA Race-Sable. Allison is a 2002 Mercury Sable LS Premium. She was built in Atlanta on 1/30/02. This sable is not stock! I've completed a full custom CAI and a custom 3rd cat delete with a Magnaflow muffler. Recently installed a Mustang Mach 1 front splitter from UPR

This is Allison in her newest image^ (and voting image)

The other side of Allison

Turn on all the light!!

Interior Shot!

Finally! The TRUE aftermarket Cold Air Intake system!!
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