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2015 Ford Taurus Interceptor 3.7 AWD
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I finally got my hands on a 2015 Ford Taurus Interceptor. I have a laundry list of things to tinker on and repair, since it was an active patrol car and had everything ripped off of it. However, the first quality of life repair I need to do is the dome light.
Now, the reading lights are still there, and work fine when clicked, but they do not turn on when the door is opened. The headliner has a massive hole with a plug sticking out, and I'm assuming its where this used to be?
2013-19 Ford Police Sedan or Utility Interceptor Red White LED Ticket Dome Light (nenno-products.com)
I'm wondering this other part below would be a direct fit/replacement that isn't 150 dollars.
DB5Z-13776-A - Genuine Ford Parts (fordpartsgiant.com)
Could get this as a direct replacement, and hopefully get a dome light back?

Aside from that, I also need to disconnect the center console mess of wires from the main harness, remove the half-assed cut wire for the roof light, and find a plug to properly fill it with.

I've been having an absolute blast with the vehicle otherwise, and I hope to be around here asking more interesting questions as I move along with it.
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