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Hello to whomever is reading this,

I have a 2013 Taurus Limited. I upgraded to the sync 3 module in June '21 and have been using it and android auto with no issues up until the last couple weeks.

First i started getting random audio cut-outs that lasted a few seconds. A couple days later it got worse. When entering the car, if the famous Ford chime didn't go off then my audio didn't work. a few more days later, audio completely stopped working. Now its deteriorated to the point where i have no audio from any sources, i can't click any of the sources except BT and XM but still no audio. the only audo that works is the touch screen beeps and if i'm connected to BT i can have the sync system read out the title name out loud, but thats it. the sync 3 system itself is working fine (climate, nav etc..)

Things I've tried:
  • disconnect battery
  • master reset
  • reinstall sync 3 v3 sw
  • downgrade to sync 3 v2.2 sw
  • scanned for DTC's, none found
  • pulled ACM fuse

My guess is that the ACM is faulty. Anyone have any advice or and idea as to what the issue is here? I've went through countless forum posts with no solution yet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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