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So I have a 2013 SEL. During fall 2019, I lost all audio, but SYNC still sorta worked? I could use nav, climate controls, even heated seats from the screen, but no audio/bluetooth etc. I figured the APIM was shot, so I had been checking junk yards for a Sync 2/3 APIM/Screen/Radio, since buying the parts online was around $1700 (I am Canadian).

In 2021, I experienced a new issue. During the summer, specifically the hottest, sunniest days, I was heading out with the family and started the card. 30 seconds after starting, the Sync screen goes black and becomes fully unresponsive, the steering wheel controls work, but shows climate/audio/nav all off or disconnected, the airbag light comes on (no CEL) and for whatever magical reason, the climate control system sets itself to "defrost mode" and proceeds to run and pumped scalding hot air onto the windshield. This is clearly not ideal, since it only seems to happen on hot/sunny days, when the dash is hottest. I assume, something is over heating and shutting down the APIM/screen/controls (good design on that Ford).

Fed up with the facial flamethrower, I ended up buying a Sync 3 Upgrade setup. I installed the new screen/APIM and.... No audio. Then I bought a new CD player/Radio thing, whatever Ford likes calling it. Installed it and everything started working, except for 1 weird issue, the dual zone climate button likes to randomly turn on (like the contacts are randomly touching/being held). I drove the car happily with the much better Sync 3 setup (100% recommended upgrade if Sync 2 is crapping out).

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. With recent heat/sun, the Sync issue has returned. Turning the car on/off doesn't resolve it, removing the battery, the fuses all look good and are seated... Sometimes the issue starts after I have been driving, sometimes it is on start up. Once I started the car fine, with a responsive system, drove around, the system shut down, I continued driving then it came back a while later. Sometimes it dies and doesn't come back even after 24 hours of sitting. It gives zero indication that anything is wrong when I go to start the car. When it is resolved, the time is probably wrong, the Nav on the dash (direction) is frozen from whenever it crapped out, the temp is pushed up to 24c when it comes back etc. My FOB also refuses to lock/unlock/start/open the trunk, however the anti theft does work, since the alarm goes off while manually opening the door.

Right now, I have a few things I guess I can check? My battery is the larger sized and brand new, AGM and it seemed to be charging, but haven't checked since this issue popped up, which I will be doing today/next time the issue comes up. I am hesitating to buy and install another CD player or APIM, since this issue happened both with SYNC 2 and SYNC 3, so maybe it is another fuse or control module? Anybody diagnose this issue and find a fix? I will keep poking at it and if I find the solution, will update.
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