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Hello Everyone,
New to the forum. Glad to see such enthusiasm regarding the late model and older Taurus models.
I am giving my 2011 SHO a refreshed front suspension. New struts, springs, tie rods, wheel bearings and even new lower control arms with new forward and aft bushings on the lower arm. Just about done.
Also replacing the front sway bar bushings and end links with a greaseable Moog part. My question is on the front sway bar I noticed there is one small ringlet around the drivers side part of the sway bar that slides one way or the other when the bar bushings is bolted down. Unfortunately, I did not notice where this ring was when I took it apart.
Is this small ring around the bar intended to be on the inside or the outside of the drivers side sway bar mount ? There is only one on the drivers side of the bar. Anyone ever encounter this ? Appreciate any help.
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