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Hello and thank you for letting me join your group! My parents wanted me to look at their Taurus because the engine temp was spiking under max load (full AC, uphill, heat on etc.) and the mechanic they brought it to said it was the radiator fan. I thought that sounded strange but I offered to swap it out for them so they could save 600 bucks. While I did that, I pulled up on the upper radiator hose just a little to get clearance to the right fan mounting bolt and coolant started pouring of the side of the radiator. In my mind, a cracked radiator (or rather, a leak in the system) makes way more sense than a fan. Now i'm at the point where I need to expose the front of the radiator to see where this crack is however i'm not positive if I have to remove the bumper to pull it out or not. I might as well pull the radiator out, are there removal instructions anywhere? I couldn't find any. Some help would be much appreciated!
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