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I've lurked these boards for a bit, I thought I would post my experience with having Ford install their remote starter kit on my 2010 Taurus SHO.

The kit that was installed was the Series 100, One-Button Remote Start System, For Use With Intelligent Key (Part Number: AL2Z-19G364-A). I was a little disappointed that they couldn't reuse the existing fobs that came with the car. (I brought in my two fobs at install time, but in the end this was wishful thinking and just needed for programming reasons?).

1. It will now take two starts. I have the push button ignition and this can't be bypassed using the OEM system. Therefore, when I get into the car and depress the brake or press the ignition button the car shuts down. Yes it is nice and toasty but requires a second start to get driving.

2. Each time I depress the brake, while driving or parked, the 'transmission' click that you hear (the click when you depress the brake while parked) occurs permanently. Was told that this is also a side effect of having the OEM remote install. If you aren't clear what I mean about the click, I am talking about the click when you first get in your car and depress the brake to start it. You'll hear the noise... traditionally I only heard it when first starting...however I now hear that noise while braking as well.

3. There is no memory on the seat warmers/coolers. Again, a nice to have but not expected.

Hope this helps and thanks for being a great discussion forum.

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