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As an owner of a Taurus X, I can empathize. I don't have the answer to your question, but will be following and please post what you learn.

I recently needed to find a replacement side view mirror. I searched all the salvage yard inventory websites for this area and found one in a pick and pull about 30 minutes away. Inventory just said they had a Taurus X and no photo or indication of it's condition, but I got lucky and found what I needed. There were a couple others about an hour or so drive away. LKQ has a good website for their inventory nation wide.

Glad to know you're ok, and the vehicle wasn't damaged too bad. The owner we bought ours from said they had previously owned another Taurus X and were in a head-on which would have been catastrophic in many vehicles but they were very well protected, so they bought another one.
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