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My wife's car is a 2008 Taurus Limited. We have owned it since 60K and it currently has 130K and it has been a great car. Long story short, I recently figured out that it has a camber problem in the rear and both rear tires are wearing on the inside edges. Putting two and two together along with what I have read in researching the issue and I know this isn't a new problem. It's that I'm just now figuring it out. In addition, the rear of the car looks like it is sitting a tad low to me. I measured from the floor right up the center of the wheel to the fender and found the rear to be 1/4" lower than the front but to the eye it looks like more than that. So here are my questions...

1. Could I get some rear fender height measurements to compare to? Our car is a FWD with the stock 225/55/18 tires. Just curious if it is actually lower than it should be or if this is just how they sit?

2. Is there a way to adjust the rear height of this car other than replacing the springs? I have read about the strut tab mod but am I correct in my thinking that it is only applicable to pre gen 5 cars?

3. Can someone give me a little info about changing the rear springs? I have read that it isn't very difficult but haven't been able to find any actual details about the job. I'm not looking for a Haynes manual write-up, just some pointers.

4. Has anyone dealt with the rear camber issues? I'm curious as to whether or not bringing the ride height up will help the issue. Also, Moog makes a camber bushing kit for the car but I can't find any info about how it works. Here's a link to it. Someone more suspension-savvy than me can probably look at it and figure out how it works.


Thanks in advance! Finding info on these cars can be like pulling teeth!!
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