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Hi.. I have a 2005 taurus with the casual 3.0 OHV...

I have been reading all the forums regarding the lack of overdrive, or fourth gear due to speed sensors, due to a hairpin clip in the older 3rd generation.. Due to Shift solenoids which I have recently purchased and am about to recieve. I cannot figure how this issue has occurred, because I have a computer that seems to be functional, and I have absolutely no codes regarding the shift solenoids. I have recently changed the Speed Sensor to a Dorman aftermarket "noticing that the car seems to attempt to move to fourth as the needle drops nearly half an inch, but then when moving the selector to D or O/D off there is no difference in gear.. I'm still in Third". I've read another post that wasn't ever completed regarding how when this stuck in third gear issue occurs the rpm needle will not drop as quickly as it's supposed to, and moves along with the mph after releasing the gas pedal when reaching over 60 mph, the conversation on that thread ended there on that old post. I'm currently strugglng to fix my mothers car that has the same issues... it's beginning to get costy as Im planning on trying the TCC Solenoid if the 3 shifts don't help the problem. Can anyone tell me what I need to fix here? we live in a desert town "far from the city" and each shopping trip is around 60 miles long the 3rd gear thing is causing nearly a half a tank to disappear when she's only driving at about 65 mph on the freeway.
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