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Today I was at my local dealership checking out the 2005's and I saw the new 2005 Platinum Edition Sable. It's NICE.

The grill is now body colored on the Platinum Edition since it is chrome on the regular Sables now. The spear on the back is body colored like on the old SES Sports...but chrome on the regular Sable.

It has VERY...VERY....VERY...nice brushed aluminum center console accents and by the window switches, and a sweet brushed aluminum gauge surround. The seats are dark gray with very light gray inserts. (two tone.) The floor mats said "Platinum Edition" in silver against gray. It also has a new FACTORY (not dealer) installed spoiler with a built in LED brake light. Now, instead of it looking tacky, they remove completely the third brake light from the window and the only brake light is on the spoiler (like on the Taurus.) Finally, it had the platinum edition 17-spoke machined wheels with charcoal inserts.

The sticker price was only 25,000 and it had Platinum package with leather, fog lights, Duratec, sun roof, electornic-automatic temperature control, traction control, side air bags, and more. It was actually cheaper than a Sable LS Premium...isn't that weird? And that was before rebates.

They also had some Centennial Editions still left. They had one that was still new with only 34 miles on it. They are selling it @ $18,995 BEFORE rebates...because it's an 03 and the 05's are now coming in. Someone is going to get a great deal. If I hadn't just bought a car that would probably be what I would be buying. The Centennial Stickered for over 28k new, and some dealers had them marked up to past 30k since it was "limited."

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