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2005 Order Guides

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Well, here is the online order guide for some of Fords 2005 Vehicles. The Crown Vic is alive and well!!! Thank God.

One Side note, the Crown Vic and 500 Still have the Power Pedals, and, as mentioned before, the Taurus does not. Makes you wonder about the Sable.

05 Ford Order Guide
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Sable wont have power pedals either. I have the tech release on my desk.
Sport is offically gone
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I got my car at the dealership whose website that's on. I've seen a ton of forums link to there - kinda cool that they're the first with the info out for everybody to see.
The really were awesome to work with and stuff - great people and high quality vehicles.

That is soooo dumb that the Taurus doesn't get the power pedals!! WTF! It was the first car EVER to get them and they take them away. Somebody is a moron for doing that.

No more sport! What are they thinking!
At least let the Taurus go out with a bang and make like a limited production Sport, Special Edition or SHO or something!!
But I don't think they will. Oh well.
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A shame a bout 3 things, They cancelled the Power pedals and The Advanced Message Cluster along with the Tire Pressure monitoring system.

The Advanced Message center would be like the Monterey or the Freestar. It was to incluide tires, exterior lights, coolant level, oil level, washer fluid ETC.... Optional on SEL and LS models, but at least it was an option.

But look at the good news, the Vic lives!!!
so Vulcan gets more -2HP

3.0L 2V Vulcan (FFV) 4-Speed Automatic 9.7:1 153 @ 4900
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